We are not unbiased.  We do not believe that all recording methods are created equal, at least not for the records we want to make with you.

In the over-tuned, over-edited, over-perfected,
paint-by-numbers landscape of modern music, something has been lost.  Call it "soul", "the funk", "rock 'n roll", a lot of music has lost its humanity. 

When the bands we work with listen back to their record a month, year, or decade from now, we want them to hear themselves, not us or some computer approximating what they do. We want them to sound like themselves on their best night.  We want them to be proud of what we've accomplished together.

We do love analog tape, but this is not an analog vs. digital debate.  They each do different things well.  We believe in using all the tools at our disposal to make the best record we can make. However, we do NOT equate that with being "perfect".

Perfect is boring.  Performance is everything.  Practice up and bring your A-game.  We're making a record.

                                     The East Hall Staff

"Comfortable."  That's one of the first words people use to describe the studio when they arrive.  East Hall began with a 4-track cassette recorder in a dorm room over 20 years ago.  Since then, it has grown through a series of dorm rooms, bedrooms, and garages, and has been in the current custom built building for the last 12 years.  But it has always kept the feel of a home studio.  It's an atmosphere where you can let your guard down and be creative.

East Hall also has a huge collection of instruments, amps, and gear of all sorts.  From the sound source to the mics to the tape and everything inbetween, everywhere you turn, you'll find the tools and toys you need to make your record.
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